Long Weekend

Hello world!

This is my last day of work before I depart for a lovely, much anticipated FOUR-DAY WEEKEND!

Yep, you heard me right… I’m taking paid holidays. It’s very exciting. We’re staying in what appears to be a charming motel, apparently quite close to my second cousin’s cabin.

First stop: The Horse Thief pub. Looks like a kickin’ good place!

Pix of the family reunion to follow…


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A Lion in the house

 It’s been a crazy few days in Johannaland – this weekend, after seeing my very fluffy cat Bug Rub my tummy! suffering in the incredible heat, I decided it would be a good idea to get him “buzzed.” Little did I expect how traumatic it would be – both for him, and me!
Leaving the apartment for only the second time in his short life (and the first time, he got his balls cut off, so I can see where he wouldn’t look forward to it…) was bad enough; the grooming parlour full of barking dogs didn’t help; not having any fur – after a lifetime of it – was weird and traumatic; but the worst part was that his buddy Zac, my other cat, didn’t recognize him when he got home (all sad and confused), and hissed every time he came near. And usually they’re the best of friends!!!My head seems very large...
It was very difficult for me to see, and I felt like the meanest owner in the entire world… yes, some tears were shed, I’m afraid.
However, three days on, the Bug seems to be getting used to his new, sleek look, and perhaps even enjoying the feel of wind on his skin…

I don’t think we’ll be doing this again next This is so shaming summer…           

but it might just work out OK this time.

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