Hump Day (tee hee!)

I sometimes wonder about the wisdom of posting my most *intimate* thoughts and feelings online… but it’s an irresitible tempation. It’s like the drunken call home from a foreign country — I have SO MUCH to say! And I am convinced EVERYONE wants to hear about it!

Today (this month) my post begins with an ode to sweet Paul, who is married to my best friend Derek. If I may say so: Paul is the most loving, caring guy ever… he cooks like a chef in the best restaurant you’ve ever been to… he has an incredible sense of style… and he’s gorgeous to boot! Oh, and he makes Derek ridiculously happy. So, for all those reasons and more, we love him!

And now, for something completely different! Musings on the passage of time…
I am always “stunned” at how quickly time passes, but no more so than right now — it’s [our] birthday AGAIN next week and it has, once again, crept right up on me! How can it possibly be June? Of 2006? For Pete’s sake!!!

Some people fret about birthdays, but I enjoy them — I like getting older (good thing — there’s no cure), because the older I get, the *smarter* I get — or at least I’m figuring more stuff out. Or am I?

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much there is to know…”

It may be an inaccurate quote, but it kinda sums up my thinking.

Crap, i can’t figure out how to insert hyperlinks into this @#(*$& blog… it’ll have to wait until later, since I’m off to bed.



May 31, 2006. Uncategorized.

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